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Sep, 2016

College Recruitment Program

Penelope Edmonds (GK) - Stanford university - Leah Becker (M) - Princeton University - Emily Rimdzius (D) - Seton Hall University - Erin Trapp (M) - Columbia University

Kristy Cotter (D) - Columbia University - Carsen Cochran (D) - Colgate University - Paige Monaghan (F) - Butler University - Jenny Haskel (D) - Northwestern University

Taylor Racioppi (F) - Duke University - Montana Sutton (M) - University of Virginia - Elizabeth Kinkler (F) - Wake Forest University - Alyssa Chirichella (D) - Sacred Heart University
Bryce Watts (F) - University of Florida - Fiona Snoddy (M) - LSU - Julia Sterpi  (F) - Seton Hall University - Gianna Bustamante (M) - Colgate University

Taylor Campbell - Phipps (D) Penn State University - Elizabeth Miller (D) - Coast Guard                                                    

                                                                      General Know-Hows In The College Search Process 

Honest & Realistic to yourself.When to start the college search/process Resources to gather information Visiting schools and which to apply to Selectivity standards and variety of colleges to apply to How to carefully go through the process of applying Revising and tips on how to apply Deadline, Deadline, Deadline How to handle the process (stress free)Who to keep informed about the process 

How to handle the process and ownership with your son/daughter Goal Setting vs. Realistic Goals (know your child)How and what to provide your son/daughter in this process What are the students wants vs. needs How to implement the logistic aspects of the college-search process Making the best choice possible When to ask for outside help Steps in preparing your child to be independent Getting a hold of the college process from start to finish Preparing for transition into college 

Open Admissions Colleges Selective Colleges Highly Competitive Colleges Admission Calendar Early Decision Applicants Early actionRolling Decision - Regular Decision - Common Decision January (spring term) Admission Deferred Admission Tuition Deposit Wait List