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The Mission of B’ Elite Player Development is to:

Develop young players who, through the game of soccer, will help further the game in the local area as well as New Jersey for now and in the future by:

Individual training

Technical Skills:

  • Passing & Receiving (with all surfaces of the feet)
  • First touch
  • Dribbling
  • Driving Balls
  • Shooting
  • Heading
  • Footwork & Foot speed
  • Bending balls
  • Simple defending

Tactical Skills:

  • Speed of play
  • Principles of defending
  • Principles of attacking
  • Communication
  • 1v1 - 2v2 - 4v4 situations
  • Utilizing space
  • The teams system of play

Mentality Skills:

  • Being a leader
  • Mental Imagery
  • Training habits
  • The mentality of a professional
  • Self confidence
  • Dealing with pressure (success & failure)
  • Goal setting

Physical Elements:

  • Proper warm-up and cool down
  • Flexibility
  • Footwork & Polymeric training
  • Proper nutrition
  • Injury care and prevention

Team Training:

  • We provide teams with the ultimate professional training experience. Most importantly, our program is committed to every player on the team and will challenge and will expect to have a very strong technical base and the utmost pressure will be placed on players to perform throughout the season. The addition of the mental aspects required for a top-level player and team are introduced. The repetition of simple exercises is continued throughout the program to maintain “muscle memory” of our technical side and give us the appropriate attitude and commitment to succeed on the field.

  • Prior to our arrival to the field for training, our staff will be in contact with your coach, team manager to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of every player/the team in general, systems of play, etc. From this discussion, our staff will put together the training curriculum for your team based on its EXACT needs and systems of play. We will gear the training around the TEAM’S needs! Simply stated that our program is “life as a professional team” in every aspect. Every player will be treated like “mini-pro” and our staff will work to build personal relationships with all players to help the players learn and become confident in their skills and personality.