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Elite Intense Private Training 


This intense training program is for players who want to master their craft in the sport of Soccer. I will personally design a unique curriculum daily for each player’s specific needs based on their set goal for the program.

I an guarantee that you will see immediate results and see a strong sense of confidence due to improved skills.

NOT a beginner program, only for players looking to play at a very high level.


Taking it to the next level, one player at a time!

Training Options and Program:

Foot Mastery & Ball control
All foot surfaces as well as chesting & heading (where age appropriate Y12+)

Passing & Receiving (accuracy & distance)

Different surfaces and understanding space, distance, accuracy & position  

Attacking the space (speed of play and decision-making)

Dribbling with a purpose, understanding runs, spacing, and thoughtful decisions  

Principles of defending (1 v 1)

Proper stance, feet movement, the timing of tackling & intense 1v1 training   

Finishing (power and finesse

We are practicing proper technique, body mechanics, understanding space, placement of GK, & decision making


Please contact B’ Elite Player Development directly at [email protected] if you need additional information.