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B' Elite Player Development SC


Elite 4 Week Private or Small Group Program

Players selected will participate in an intense personalized soccer program. It will maximize all key facets to make this participant master their technique. I will fine-tune every session to meet the player's specific needs.

This program is one of a kind and it’s only being offered to players that want to elevate their game. I have been a technical clinician for the past 20 years working with players that have played Collegiate Division 1, National Teams, and Professionally in the US and abroad. 
                                                                                                   TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL, ONE PLAYER AT A TIME!

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Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday

October – November – December


Location: Garwood Recreation Sports Complex

Time:  4:00 – 5:00 PM & 5:00 – 6:00 PM – Monday & Wednesday - Boys & Girls (2010 – 2008)  

Time:  5:00 – 6:00 PM & 6::00 – 7:00 PM – Tuesday - Boys & Girls (2009 - 2007) 

Fee: $200 – 4 weeks

Fee $65.00 – Hourly

Questions: Email us at [email protected]

Elite Program Curriculum

Technical - Key functions of ball mastery based on a personalized evaluation.

Passing & Receiving - Based on game recognition and game needs.

Functional Training - Proper defending, stance, and body framing on the ball

Combination play, one-touch decisions, utilizing space with and without the ball.

Speed & Agility - soccer specific - speed dribbling, change of direction (ball related)

Additional Personalized Training - Player’s Needs?


Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your game like never before!!!!